As a foodie mag junkie, I love discovering new recipes and fantasizing about the ones that I would never attempt (Yorkshire pudding, I’m talking to you). But, being g-free means that a good portion of those recipes aren’t even relevant to me.

Enter Living Withoutliving-without, the food and lifestyle magazine for people with food allergies and sensitivities. I first encountered Living Without in the checkout aisle in Whole Foods. While being g-free doesn’t mean I’m nut-free, dairy-free or whatever-else-you-can-be-allergic-to-free, Living Without does a decent job of including content for readers of all interests. And, with simple recipes that use many readily available or easy to find ingredients, Living Without is a great reference for any g-free person’s kitchen.

Discover them here, where you can sign up to get a free recipe sent via email every week, or find an issue in your grocery store!