Do you remember Good n’ Plenty? And by “remember” I mean “walk past in the candy aisle with feelings of longing and sadness”? If so, you’re not alone. Along with my celiac diagnosis, I had to bid farewell to Werther’s, Riesen and many of my favorite candies. This includes, regretfully, all things licorice. Until now!

scottydogsFor all you black-jelly-bean-eating, sugary-sticky-candy-loving folks out there, I have found the proverbial candied unicorn of the g-free world: g-free licorice in BOTH black and cherry. It’s made by Gimbals and available in some grocery stores and online. While all Gimbals candy is gluten free, their licorice comes in the whimsical shape of a Scotty dog. Stick with these little friends and you’ll be enjoying g-free licorice Heaven!

By all means, join me in my happy dance!