Oh hi. It’s me, your self-proclaimed guide to g-free entertainment. But don’t worry, reader, my credentials are legit. You’ll benefit from my time served as a health editor, novice chef and confirmed celiac.

Allow me to read your mind and answer some of those questions swirling around in there:

There are a million g-free blogs out there. Why read this one?
A million? That’s intense. It’s also not reflective of quality. Out of those million, I’d trust a handful. Besides, when you’ve “been there done that” as a celiac yourself, you know what you can’t find on other blogs. So, here I am. Maybe it’s self centered, but this blog is what I wish I could find somewhere else!

Did you go g-free to lose weight?
My celiac diagnosis was confirmed with a blood test and endoscopy. Besides, potato chips are g-free. Next question.

Are your recipes vetted?
I would never post anything that I didn’t test myself. Some are hodge-podge, made up and products of necessity, but they’re mine, and I stand behind what I post. Now, that’s not saying anything about taste, which varies from person to person. Follow at your own risk, but I think you’ll find my recommendations as delicious as I do.

What g-free sites do you use?
Check out my links!

If you have other questions, feel free to post them in the comments section.

Welcome, reader. I’m happy to have you. 🙂